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Ficlet: Bad Days (Larry/Charlie) - Pink Kitten Productions [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Ficlet: Bad Days (Larry/Charlie) [Aug. 1st, 2005|11:33 am]
Pink Kitten Productions


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Bad Days
By: Selenitia
Series: Numb3rs
Pairing: Larry/Charlie
Challenge: Lemming - "You *do* realize that this is the first time we've been alone in a week."
Rating: G
Words: 202
Warnings: Slash
Disclaimer: I don't own Numb3rs.

This had not been Charlie's day, or his week for that matter. Nothing Charlie did was going his way. He couldn't find his lecture notes for his classes, the assignments he'd given, or even one of the tests he was supposed to give earlier. And now Larry was *laughing* at him.

He rested his head on his arms on his desk. He closed his eyes. If Larry was going to laugh at him about his day, he just wasn't going to talk to him or even look at him. Sure, it was childish, but he had a headache and was not in a good mood.

After a little while, Charlie felt Larry rest his hands on his shoulders, "Charles? I'm sorry I laughed, I had no idea your day had gone so poorly. Sit up, would you?"

Charlie sat up and looked around his office. While he'd been sulking, Larry had been straightening up and organizing the papers Charlie had scattered about his office. Charlie looked up at Larry, not knowing what to say.

Larry looked down, giving Charlie an amused smile. He leaned down and whispered, "Charles, you *do* realize this is the first time we've been alone in a week."

From: jasondavidfrank
2006-07-27 07:55 pm (UTC)
Hi Charlie remember me from MMPR, PRZ, PRT and PRDT if you are a big fan of mine please reply.

Jason David Frank.

Power Rangers Actor.
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